Groovy maps for anywhere under the sun

That's the goal. Great looking maps for any location. So far, we've made 17207 in 109 different styles.

They're free to download under the Creative Commons attribution licence. That means you can download, share, reuse, or remix them (even for commercial purposes). There's just one teeny condition. You have to link or credit us when you do.

For more download options and flexible licencing, we offer a pro account. See the comparison below for details.

Free account

No credit-card required to sign up

  • 🔎 Search and discover 1000s of maps
  • 📥 Download in .PNG format
  • Creative Commons licence requiring attribution
  • ❤️Save maps for future reference
  • 📜 Purchase individual map licences for $9.00

Pro account

Everything in the free account plus...

  • 📐HD and precision vector maps (in .SVG)
  • 🔓Pro licenced maps with no need for attribution
  • 🪄Early access to new features
  • 📢It keeps us ad-free!
  • 🙏Support an indie developer
  • 📜 Plans from $89.00 per year

Check out our new editor!

💡 We just released a new map editor, featuring:

  • style controls - choose colours, turn on-and-off graticules, and boundaries
  • labels - annotate any map in our collection
  • projection controls - re-shape the world to your satisfaction

Next on the roadmap is a routes tool that you can use to draw lines and routes. A mapper's delight awaits, so sign up for early access.