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Answers to frequently asked questions.

Are these maps free to use?

Yes - all the map results that you can find via the search feature are free to download and redistribute.

All our maps carry creative commons licences (either CC-BY or CC-BY-Share-alike). This means you can even use them for commercial purposes, however, you must provide attribution.

If you'd like us to remove this attribution condition consider buying a Super Map World licence or Pro account.

Note this does not include any logos or other graphics you may find elsewhere on the site. To ensure you are using any graphic appropriately, check that you can find the licence or licence link accompanying the graphic.

Do I need to provide credit for Super Map World maps?

Yes. Unless you have a SMW licence. Some maps are licenced with a 'share-alike' requirement, this means any adaptations or copies of the map must carry the same licence, and the source of map must be credited for any public use.

How do I use Super Map World licences?

There are two ways to get Super Map World licences. You can buy and activate them individually OR you can upgrade to a Pro account. Pro accounts grant you SMW licences for all maps unless they hold a 'Share-alike' licence.

To buy Super Map World licences you can navigate to your account dashboard and hit the "Buy map licence(s)" button. This will take you to our payment partner, Stripe.

Once you've completed the purchase, your account will be credited with the number of individual licences you purchased.

To activate a licence, navigate to the map you'd like to download and use, and hit the "Download" button. You should see an "Activate licence" button. Once you click that you'll be able to use the map free of restriction (as well as acces high-definition downloads)!

How do I edit maps?

You must have an accout to edit maps. Once you've created an account, find a map in our collection to use as a base template. When you view a map hit the 'Edit' button found above the display of the map.

Adobe Express Add-on

What is it?

Adobe Express is Adobe's all-in-one design tool to make content creation easy. Express features an addon marketplace which serves to extend its capabilities. We've built an add-on that allows you to rapidly import and use Super Map World resources directly in Adobe Express!

How do I install the addon?

Using the column navigation on the left-hand side of the Adobe Express UI, scroll down to button that says "Add-ons" (with the brick icon). Clicking on this will reveal a search input. Search for "Super Map World". Once you've found it click the 'Add' button at the bottom of the Addon panel.

How do I access my licenced maps using the addon?

To access account only features in the addon, click on the sillhouette icon beside the search bar. You'll be prompted to login using your SMW email and password. Once you've logged in you should see your liked, custom, and licenced maps.